What you need to have for endurance racing (Assetto Corsa)

To participate in this championship, you need to have:

  1. Assetto Corsa Ultimate edition;
  2. Content Manager;
  3. Shaders patch activated ( How to activate) latest v0.1.75 (recommended), but no older than v0.1.62:

    To install custom shaders patch you need to use  Content Manager
    Open Content manager> Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Install.
    Make sure your CSP version is not older than 0.1.62.
    Make sure that General Patch setting is activated.
  4. Enabled real Penalty APP:

The "Real penalty app" will be downloaded automatically by joining WSS endurance event. You should see this message in the chat after connecting to the server:

If it is missing or you are kicked after several seconds you will need to enable the Real penalty app manually.

To enable Real penalty app open: Content manager> Settings > Assetto Corsa > Apps

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