What you need to know about endurance racing (Assetto Corsa)


As the original Assetto Corsa is not suitable for driver swap and endurance racing, we have made it possible!  We would love to give you some tips on what is GOOD TO KNOW and recommended before you start endurance racing in WSS.

The first driver connected - gets a seat in the server. The next driver will only be able to connect to the server when the first driver disconnects. 

Internal team communication

Since there are no opportunities to watch your team member driving live (apart from live broadcast) we do recommend to keep contact with your team all the time. Discord/Hangout/Teams/Skype or other software that will keep you online together especially when driver swaps.

Real penalty

Most endurance races on Assetto Corsa will use Real penalty plugin to manage cut penalties, swap procedure, long pits and more. It is important to know some details to avoid unexpected DSQ from plugin or lose time serving other unexpected penalties. Please take the time to read this guide (especially if it's your first time with Real penalty):

Real penalty guide

Safe is fast

Endurance racing is not about fast lap times! Keep in mind that the risk you choose lies on the entire team. It is very sad to have a damaged car or get a DNF. Please remember you are not alone on the track, respect the others, especially the faster class participants! Let's have a fun and respectful race.

Read more about racing rules here.

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