Custom Shaders Patch

Custom shaders patch by Ilja Jusupov ( brings Assetto Corsa to new level, adding a lot of visual improvements, but also improved UI, cool features and even physics. If you drive on Assetto Corsa it is no brainer to use CSP.

Some events may require Custom Shaders Patch to be enabled (usually due to some mods or night/day simulation). To install custom shaders patch you need to use  Content Manager

Open Content manager> Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Install

  • Make sure your CSP version is not older than 0.1.79, we recommend using latest version (as of 2022 November - 0.1.79).
  • Make sure that General Patch setting is activated


In order to participate in events with day/night transitions you need to enable 'Weather FX':


Assetto Corsa crashes with "clearPythonCache" error:


  • Disable 'Enforce latest shared memory library' in Content Manager > Settings > Custom shaders patch > General patch settings:

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