How to start racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione

  1. Purchase Assetto Corsa Competizione from Steam here
  2. Create an account in using your real name and surname. 
  3. After you sign in to the system you need to create or join a team you're gonna race with. To create a team click on the CREATE button > Create team. After you finish creating a team don’t forget to invite your team members into your team. 

NOTE: Minimum 2 drivers are required to participate in endurance events!

  1. If the race registration is not open yet, you are available to join free practice by clicking the FREE PRACTICE button. However, If the registration is open already you need to click on a JOIN EVENT button, choose a car and team and confirm it. Make sure your team drivers do not change the car while joining the event!
  2. Read and follow general rules to make sure you race respectively and everyone has a great time.
  3. Good to know IN-GAME
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