WSS app not detected

If you see these messages, that means WSS page cannot connect to WSS app on your computer, in that case try these solutions:

  • First, make sure WSS app is installed on your computer and shows 'Ready':

  • Make sure you are using browser to access WSS (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, ...).
  • Pause or disable Ad-block for WSS page. In Brave browser you need to disable 'Shields' for WSS
  • Check antivirus/firewall programs and make sure they are not blocking WSS app
  • Try using Chrome browser - it works most of the time.

Could not reach update server

If you see "Could not reach update server" error, it might be that your antivirus application is blocking it. Although we have a valid security certificate, some antivirus applications might still have an issue. If this is the case, you should try to unblock WSS app in the antivirus blocked applications list or whitelist WSS app manually in the antivirus application. This process will vary based on the antivirus application you are using. We will not take any responsibility for this action, please use your common sense.

How to unblock WSS app in Windows

How to unblock WSS app in Avast

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